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This is where we sit down for an informal review of what you'd like to accomplish. The main focus is on audience, message and outcome. We've done this a few times so just relax and tell us exactly what you want from this event. Everything is possible, but not really.


Our experienced event planners blah blah blah... Coletto Productions is not your typical consulting firm. We are your window to reality. We've made the craziest events happen on shoestring budgets but a plan is always necessary for a successful event. This phase is the most important. We put together a budget, discuss KPI's (fancy acronym for goals) and layout all of the puzzle pieces.


This is the easy part. A successful plan will naturally breed a successful event. We would have already reviewed every possible crappy scenario that will occur at your event and we would have already come up with a workaround. Delivery is all about the right venue, partners and plan. The rest is positive reviews, smiles from attendees and a pat on the back from your boss.

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