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It takes a unique person to want to work in an entertainment venue. The hours are terrible, the industry is competitive and the pay isn't always that great. This is why it's imperative to have a strong leadership team that drives value to employees and creates a strong sense of venue pride. The good news is that we literally know all of the good apples in the industry and will steer them your way! 

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Probably our strongest area of expertise is in content and booking. This will make or break a venue. Our primary focus here is on "Dark Days" and what we can do to spur business. We'll help connect the dots to agents, managers and promoters in your market.


A venue needs to operate like a small business and the leadership team needs to operate as if competition was stealing all of their events. We've worked with corporate owned, city owned and non-profit venues. Our approach to the P&L is religious and we'll help the whole team own their part of the circle. The keys areas that we'll be attacking are managing fixed and variable expenses, increasing ancillary revenues and operating efficiently.

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